9 best stitching sewing machine for beginner

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Looking for your first ever stitching device makes you equal parts excited open to any suggestion and from every possible source. It is when you are open to any kind of suggestions and that’s when people take benefit from your naivety. So, instead of jumping up on the first cheap offer you get, sit back and look around.

Maybe that offer was a good one, or perhaps it was a fraud. Whatever the result, it’s always profitable to first look around a bit and then decide. Please do some research, take notes, analyze them, and then make a decision. The best way to start your research is to open the internet and start surfing. It’s the most convenient and comfortable way of gathering the required information.

And if not that, there are always experienced people you can seek help from. You can also go out in the marketplace and search for your own. However, the market can confuse you more with its many offers and features. As a beginner, all you need is a primary stitching machine with minimal additional features. Because at beginner’s level, these features prove to be more of an obstacle than any help.

Why do beginners need a suitable stitching device?

At the very first level, you are in no need of a complex machine with tons of features. All you require is a basic one that would help you learn from scratch. The more features you get, the more you’ll get confused. So, it is better to have just one or two necessary components at the start. Once you get the hang of it, you can switch to a more advanced device.

For a beginner, the best kind of stitching machine is the durable one and does all the essential stitching work. These machines should be easily understandable, with minimal extra features. Leather stitching machine make leather stitching job quite easy.

Stitch machine Feature

Done with the features, next comes the brand. Almost everyone advises buying from a more prominent and famous brand. Not only will you get better deals, but also the right product. But, at the initial level, buying a big brand machine can be too expensive. Not everyone has a big budget at the beginning. And it’s also not advisable to spend too much on your first stitching machine. Because right now, you’re just exhausting your precious money. Once your business elevates, you can switch to expensive devices.

To wrap things up, you’ll need to decide the kinds of tasks for which you’ll require the machine. Stitching devices are of a few assortments, contingent on the kind of stitching project. At the novice’s level, everything you do is fundamental alterations and basic line designs. For this, you will not need an complex machine. Get yourself an essential stitching machine for certain strings and needles and negligible highlights.

9 best stitching sewing machine for beginner

  1. Portable Stitching machine by Liheya:
stitching sewing machine for beginner
Portable Stitching machine by Liheya

Do not underestimate this machine due to its size. Instead, this stitching device is apt for those who travel a lot or attend stitching classes. You can carry it anywhere. Despite its small size, it offers all the necessary features for a beginner. You can operate it by hand, as it is light-weight. This machine provides you a choice between 2 stitching speeds and over 12 stitches that are built-in.

2. Stitch Mini Machine:

Stitch Mini Machine:

This mini stitching machine by Silver comes with 12 stitches. Are you nervous about your first stitching machine? Worry about whether you’ll understand it’s working or not? Then this is a suitable stitching machine for you. It is best for people with a tight budget and fewer expectations. This stitching machine offers a few threads, bobbins, needles, etc. Although you cannot use it for heavy stitching, it helps do light work.

3. Brother XN1700:

Brother XN1700

This stitching machine by Brother is best for beginners, as it permits you to do all the essential stitching work. It comes with 17 stitches and an automatic buttonhole with four steps. Unlike other stitching machines for beginners, it offers you lots of decorative features too. So, apart from just essential modifications, you can even decorate your fabric. Beginners who are already familiar with the basics of stitching can learn dressmaking from this machine.

4. Singer Start 1306:

Singer Start 1306

This beginner-friendly stitching machine by Singer comes with six stitches. It has all the features that a beginner requires at the primary level. Along with easy stitch patterns and alterations, you can also perform some repairs on clothes. For people with having low budget, it is one of the best options. Even if your first attempt at operating a stitching machine, you can efficiently work on it. It has no extra features which might confuse you. All in all, this will prove to be a profitable deal.

5. L14S:


The year-long lockdown demonstrated lacking for all businesses, particularly those that rely upon machine creation. The assembling of machines diminished by and large a year ago. Stitching machines for novices additionally has a spot on this rundown. Yet, amidst this, Singer presented to you this incredible arrangement. This stitching machine by Singer is best for novices. Barring every one of the confounding highlights, it is really straightforward. It accompanies a solitary dial to turn on-off the machine and 14 stitches.

6. Brother Innovis Electronic Machine:

Brother Innovis Electronic Machine

This is an electronic sewing device by Brother, pointed essentially at fledglings. It is a mechanized sewing machine; thus, it will not mistake you for huge loads of alternatives. It permits you to step up your sewing abilities once you are certain of your ability. You can stich at home utilizing this. It offers very nearly 16 join and a screen that shows you the length and width of your texture and stich. With this device, neglect physically stringing your needles. This machine accompanies a programmed threader.

7. J423-S:

Brother J423-S

This is a beginner cordial stitching machine by Janome. With the essential stitching highlights, this machine additionally assists you with step up your stitching abilities. On the off chance that you are as of now a digit acquainted with stitching, you can expand your insight utilizing this machine. It has more than 20 worked in lines and a programmed buttonhole with 1 stage. You can sew textures of differing lengths and width and furthermore attempt weaving stitching. Its powerful metal casing and body permit you to fasten for extended periods without breaking.

8. Brother FS70WT:

Brother FS70WT

This stitching machine takes you to another level in the event that you are as of now talented at the beginner’s level. It contains a lot of highlights to help you in stitching and is more sober minded than any amateur level machine. It is exceptionally adaptable. All things considered, it handles different sorts of stitching projects. This machine has an expansion table, which awards you to sew huge bits of surface. It is reasonable for sewing, as it has a lot of additional room. It has electronic controls, which will empower you to switch between different lines at the press of a catch.

9. Pfaff Passport 3.0:

Pfaff Passport 3.0

For individuals with restricted space or travel frequently, this is the ideal machine. This stitching machine by Pfaff is light-weight and minimal. You can undoubtedly convey it anyplace. Be that as it may, not to belittle it by its size. Its highlights compensate for its little size. This machine offers more than 100 fastens and other extra highlights as well. You can sew different kinds of join with this machine; sewing, needling, embellishment, and so on It has a solitary on/off button, which makes it moderately simpler to work.

If not for brand-new machines, used machines are another option.

At the beginner’s level, people are often hesitant to spend money on getting new stitching machines. All you require at this point is a straightforward machine that permits you to perform all the basic stitching operations without being too confusing. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll need more advanced machines for learning further. A primary beginner-level stitching machine can’t do all these complex operations. Neither is it’s the motor strong enough to handle heavy fabrics and long working hours.

So instead of wasting your money on getting a new machine, get a second-hand one. The marketplace is full of second-hand stitching devices that are still in excellent working conditions. Online websites like eBay have an impressive collection of second-hand stitching machines for beginners at reasonable prices. You won’t need anything extravagant at this level so that used machines can be a better choice too.

Be that as it may, prior to choosing any recycled machine, investigate it. Stitching machines need customary support and oil. A portion of the recycled machines can either be beaten up pretty bad or corroded. Regardless of being modest, you ought to never agree to a gadget that will set you back more on fixes than it while purchasing. Or then again you can get an adjusting in the wake of buying the machine so it doesn’t give you any issue in a matter of seconds.

A few recycled stitching machines are vintage, giving a tip top look to your workspace. Yet, aside from the look and feel, vintage stitching machines are a major NO! The fixes and issues with vintage machines are quite convoluted. They take much additional time and cash to comprehend and work. Vintage machines mean vintage includes that are fairly hard to comprehend. Nearly, current machines are a lot simpler to utilize and fix.

When purchasing a stitching machine, what highlights to search for in it?

Searching for a stitching machine is a confounded errand. Individuals give you machine ideas, with huge loads of highlights. However, are these highlights fundamental? How might you figure out which components are vital and which are definitely not?

Among these huge loads of stitching machines accessible, individuals are handily befuddled. They all have a couple of highlights that are not quite the same as the others. Thus, prior to purchasing, make a rundown of the highlights that you need in your machine. Getting a universal machine at a novice’s level is certifiably not a reasonable thought when a basic one can do some amazing things.

Highlights you should search for:

Continuously give more inclination to the brands with whom you are now natural. Trying different things with another brand at this level is never a smart thought. Ask individuals and do a touch of exploration prior to choosing a specific brand. Mainstream brands are consistently reliable as they have a picture to keep up. They furnish you with the best help and are incredible at tackling your issues. While fresher brands frequently do not have this expert conduct. Additionally, when you need extras or parts of your machine, having a more noticeable brand is helpful. More novel brands are very little unmistakable, nor are their parts promptly accessible on the lookout.

While purchasing a stitching machine, consistently focus on its weight. A weighty device is a greater snag in your way than a gift. At amateur level, you’re most likely going to a stitching class. In this manner, you require a device has less weight and is compact. Getting a hefty device won’t just make conveying it troublesome, however it likewise occupies more room. Whenever you’re finished with fundamental level stitching, you’ll need another machine for cutting edge learning. In this way, having a little novice machine is acceptable, so later on you can have more than one gadget.

Modest stitching machines frequently have commotion issues. They are excessively noisy while working, which can be unsafe on the off chance that you share a common workspace. In this way, prior to picking a stitching machine, consistently ensure that it isn’t excessively boisterous.

At the amateur’s level, you will just require a limit of 2-3 lines. Anything over that will be excessively befuddling for you. Numerous fastens amount to the machine’s cost as well as confound you. Exchanging between join can be a troublesome errand if the motor isn’t programmed. In any case, as your stitching abilities improve, you will require further developed machines. These machines will offer you more than the two fundamental join. By utilizing them, you could sew brightening designs too.

As your first stitching machine, it ought to be really straightforward. Despite the fact that it’s an amateur level machine, it should in any case be very solid and tough. The device should have all the necessary features, but not any unusable ones. These will pose as a hindrance and confuse you more.

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