Tired of a Heavy Machines? Try Portable Bell Sewing Machine For Beginners

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Sewing has become now more of a potential career than just a pass time. People are now more open-minded about career paths. They have not bound to the conventional professions anymore. Its credit goes entirely to the introduction of American pop culture. With modernization, technology has now opened the gates to several new career paths. These are different from the professions we grew up watching.

People no longer view sewing or stitching as a job for only women. Rather, the industry is flowing with male designers, sewists, etc. It is a great step towards curbing out gender discrimination among artists. It is visible through this that the industry is now welcoming new and creative professions in the market. They are not only creative but also proved to be quite profitable.

Seeing this, the market is now flooding with various types of sewing machines, their tools, and tables, etc. The increasing demand for sewists has also increased the manufacturing of machines and several other types of equipment. The machines are also available in a variety of types and models. From huge ones to small and portable ones, people have varying preferences.

Some people prefer large machines that come equipped with cabinets and foot pedals etc. Whereas, some people opt for the compact ones, that are easily portable. One such example of a portable and small machine is Bell Machine.

What is a bell sewing machine?

Giving credits to modern engineers, the bell sewing machine is nothing less than a miracle. It is a dream come true for some sewists who prefer their machines to be easily portable while traveling. Bell is a portable machine that is extremely lightweight and compact. It allows you to sew almost everything, from quilts to stitches, and dresses to curtains. And what’s more, its small size makes it easy to travel. You can carry your machine wherever you wish, and sew anywhere.

The machine comes with a round bobbin and a lockstitch mechanism. It allows you to sew any fabric, whether light or heavy without altering the tension on the machine. The machine has a measurement of just nine inches in length and comes equipped with a built-in light. This light ensures that you can sew even in the lack of proper light. It means that you won’t have to deny any work offers just because you do not have proper light conditions.

Looking at their size, you may doubt whether the bell machines work or not. But don’t worry, they are as efficient as any other regular-sized machines can be. You throw away your doubts the moment you open the case. It is not only highly impressive but also comes equipped with several useful tools. The machine set includes oil, threads, needles, and all those tools that come with any regular-sized machine.

The bell machine comes within a case which you can also use as a surface to put your machine on. Since the machine is small in size, its surface is also small. People often want a rather large surface so that their fabrics easily spread on it. So, if you wish to expand the surface for sewing, you can just use this case along with the supplied table extension.

Bell Sewing Machine

The feature that makes it even more appealing to people is that you can attach it anywhere. Since it has such a small size, you can attach it to a table or an ironing stand. Attach the machine to it and enjoy sewing even while standing. It makes your sewing experience much more comfortable as compared to regular sized machines. You don’t have to go on for hours sitting in front of the machine and stress your back muscles. Use this machine wherever and whenever you wish.

Despite all of its amazing features, the machine also has some shortcomings. These are mainly due to its small size and compact set. It lacks several of those features that are quite common in any regular sized machine. For example, the machine can be a bit noisy when you operate it and works far too slow as compared to other machines.

Now let’s go over to the technical side of this machine and try to understand it better

Similar to most modern machines, Bell comes with a low shank mechanism. This makes it easy for you to replace defective parts of the machine. You won’t have to worry about finding the parts of the same brand. The machine easily works with tools and parts of other models also. Another of its feature makes it a desirable choice for sewists with low budgets and expectations.

The bell machine comes with a needle of about 15×1. You don’t need to fuss about the thread either, since it uses any ordinary thread. However, the tension on the machine is somewhat tight, making it a bit complex to release the fabric. Although the foot pedal helps in decreasing the tension and releasing the fabric. Everything you do in this machine is manual, nothing is automatic.

Despite doing a rather complex job here, the machine excels at stitching. And since it is a sewing machine, that’s where its real task lies. Although the machine can be a bit too slow and noisy at times, it creates a good stitch. The only necessary thing it lacks is a handwheel. If it were for that, the machine would have been a fantastic one. The lack of a hand wheel makes it quite difficult to sew, but it works nonetheless.

Now it comes to the machine’s oil requirements. The bell machine does not require frequent lubrication. This makes working on the bell machine quite smooth for a long time. However, you should frequently check your machine for lubrication. Because if it becomes dry, it will take a lot of effort and struggle to bring it back to life. Try and oil every moving part of your machine with any synthetic oil. You can also use oils that are specifically made for sewing machines.
Since the bell machine is portable, it comes with a case that allows you to carry it easily. Inside the case, there is enough space to fit all the tools that come with the machine. You can also use this case as an extended surface for placing the machine. The case comes with a base made of metal, which you can use to make a table out of it. You can fit your machine inside the metal frame. The main objective is to place the machine as high as possible so that you can easily reach it.

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