Best Fabric Cutting Machines Reviews: Best Choice For Your Needs

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Cutting fabric using a pair of scissors or cutter blades is indeed a cheap and convenient way to do things. However, there are times when you simply want to do it faster and more efficiently. Fortunately for this case, you can always rely on automation technology. You can now greatly reduce workload as well as work time whenever cutting fabrics along with other materials with the help of a fabric cutting machine. So, what exactly is this fabric cutting machine; in addition, which fabric cutting machine can work best for your needs?

What is a fabric cutting machine?

Before we head out to knowing which fabric cutting machine functions best for your particular fabric-cutting needs, let us first understand what this machine is. Understanding what the machine is and what it does would help us identify the particular type of cutting machine we need for our specific purpose.

So, if you’re into crafts and arts, sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, as well as other things that require help on cutting fabrics, you should definitely find a fabric cutting machine a ton of help. The basic purpose of this machine is to assist you in cutting fabric along with other materials as swiftly and effectively as possible. Unlike cutter blades as well as scissors, you don’t have to use force from your hand when cutting fabrics – this relieves you of any discomfort on the hands when cutting through thick and solid fabric and materials. Furthermore, fabric cutting machines have sharp and durable blades that can cut through anything with ease and speed.

There is also a wide selection of fabric cutting machines available that you can choose from. This includes the manual cutting machine, semi-automatic cutting machine, and fully automated cutting machine. Comparing the three types, the manual or “handheld” cutting machine is likely the most inexpensive option however if you’re looking for comfort as well as efficiency out of your cutting machine then the semi, as well as automatic fabric cutting machine, would be the best option. The semi and fully automatic types would also be a good option for you if the purpose of the machine is for commercial use or for your business.

How to choose the ideal fabric cutting machine which suits your needs?

Now that you’ve come to understand what exactly a fabric cutting machine is as well as why you need it, let us jump right over to how you can choose the best option for your specific needs. To do that, you need to bear in mind these few considerations.


Just like anything else that you are buying, you will have to think about the price of your ideal fabric cutting machine. In this regard, you need to remember that the quality of your machine will depend mostly on how much you spent on acquiring it. Although the priciest one may seem to be the best option for this case, not all expensive cutting machines would be the best. The most ideal thing to do when considering the price is to evaluate your spending budget for your machine. There’s a wide variety of choices available depending on the actual amount of budget that you currently have. Should you want one that has more features and functions, you can simply add more to your budget.

Cutting size

Depending on the kind or style of cut that you desire to achieve, you can also choose the right fabric cutting machine made and designed for your needs. If you’re simply dealing with small and easy cuts on thin fabrics with less than an inch of thickness then you can resort to cheaper fabric cutters or manual cutters. However, if you’re aiming to cut thick fabrics of around 3 inches of thickness or more then you may want to invest on the heavy-duty varieties of semi or fully automatic fabric cutting machines.

Portability and size of the machine

Next is to consider how big or bulky the machine is and if it is movable or portable. If you’re looking to carry the machine at any place you want to go then you can opt for one that has a manageable size and is easy to bring with you around. If you’re aiming to use the machine for commercial purposes or mass-production in your business then size shouldn’t be a problem – go for a bigger size since you don’t need to carry it around whenever you’re using it.

Machine type

For the types of fabric cutting machines, there will be two options – either a manual or an automatic fabric cutting machine. For this case, a manual would be ideal if you’re not spending too much time cutting fabrics. However, if you’re frequently cutting fabrics, especially if you’re cutting great numbers of fabrics with great dimensions then the automatic or electronic fabric cutter would be your ideal option.

So, what are your best options in the market today?

For both the general and particular kinds of fabric cutting needs, we’ve pulled out the best choices from the internet.

Best Fabric Cutting Machines Reviews:

Cricut Maker 3

Best fabric Cutting Machines Reviews

Among the most popular name with regards to fabric cutting machines would be the Cricut Maker. This machine is a highly recommended cutting machine due to its seamless and smooth cutting capability. This is among the few cutting machines that really don’t need any preparation of the material – it is ready to cut anything right away!

It has 10x more cutting power than its predecessors and can cut more than 300 types of materials. Additionally, it can be integrated or used with 13 other tools and accessories to deliver you a better cutting experience on all your projects.

  • Comes with a docking station
  • Wireless enabled for portable cutting
  • Comes with a fabric pattern cutter
  • A bit expensive compared to top cutting machines for fabric
  • Requires blade calibration for tough materials

AccuQuilt GO

accuquilt go fabric cutters

Another fabric cutting machine to put on your checklist is the AccuQuilt Go. If there is one thing that sets this cutting machine apart from its competition is its cutting speed that executes with precision. It features a patented design that allows for optimum portability and comfort when carrying it around. The package includes a cutting mat so you can cut right away upon receiving the item.

  • Impressive cutting power with precision cuts
  • Easily foldable for comfortable carrying
  • Cuts through 14 inches in width of fabrics
  • Parts and components that works are only AccuQuilt products
  • Components are not available in the general hardware store


Now there are plenty more fabric cutting machines out there that you can consider however not all of them are as effective, tried, and tested as these two choices. Another thing that you can think about when choosing your ideal fabric cutting machine is the renewable parts. If you’re searching for a cutting machine that has parts that are easy to obtain in case of damage or replacements then the Cricut Maker 3 would be a better deal because it has parts that are easy to obtain from general hardware stores.

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