Thread For Sewing Machine: Knowing Your Best Options

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A reliable sewing thread will help you secure the parts or components of your fabric and will also provide form and shape for your clothes, dress, or garment. If you’re not using the right thread for a sewing machine, you’re letting go of the quality of your product or design. If you want to know more about the right thread for a sewing machine that one should use for your particular purpose, be sure to check out these best choices in the market today through our list.

How to choose the right thread for sewing machine

Right before we get to the best options of sewing machine threads, let us first understand how you can identify the ideal thread that is right for your needs. Listed below are the top considerations to make when looking to acquire thread to use on your sewing machine.

1. Find a thread that is matching the fabric – among the basic information which many patterns provide is the type of fabric to be used along with the ideal thread that goes along with it. So, if the pattern suggests a cotton material or the fabric, it would be ideal to opt for a cotton thread. On the other hand, for general sewing purposes you can try to use the so-called all-purpose polyester thread which is actually used for most kinds of sewing ventures.

If the thread is too weak or too small for the fabric, there are great chances that the parts will fall off or break from the stitch. Make certain that the thread works well with the fabric.

2. Reading the spool – on the spool, you will find the details about the fiber being used along with other details such as the color number and manufacturer. Additionally, you can also read from there the weight along with the number of strands on the spool. So, if you’ve previously used a particular thread but are unaware of its details when making repurchases, you can simply check out the details written on the spool.

3. Type of thread – now there are a ton of sewing threads that one can choose from and each has its own distinct characteristics which can be taken advantage of when sewing. Among these types of threads include cotton threads, various polyester threads, specialist threads, upholstery thread, heavy-duty thread, polyester sew-all thread, recycled thread, topstitching thread, jeans thread, metallic thread, and so on.

The Best Threads for Sewing Machine

Now that you’ve come to know how to find your ideal sewing machine thread, let’s go check out your best options in the market.

Thread For Sewing Machine

BetyBedy Sewing Thread Kit

Should you prefer a thread kit that has a good combination of threads and bobbins then the BetyBedy Sewing Thread Kit would be the perfect deal for you. It has a wide range of 36 thread colors that comes with bobbins. The sizes of each bobbin are standard which means it can only be used for general types of machine-sewing purposes.

In addition, each bobbin is cased or enclosed in a transparent casing to let you know of what color is inside and for you to keep organize your bobbins by color. The good thing about the bobbins is that they are highly durable and can be reused multiple times.

  • Comes with 36 different thread colors
  • Reusable bobbins
  • Standard size for general machine-sewing purposes
  • Bobbin size is average and not recommended for big sewing projects

Keimix Sewing Thread Kit

If your eyes are set on an excellent quality of thread made from polyester for general sewing purposes with your machine then the Keimix Sewing Thread Kit is going to be a good choice to consider. One of its selling points is its durable plastic spool which can be reused for extended periods, along with the actual stitches and colors that can last for a long time even with regular washing.

The kit will give you 36 various hues of threads – all vibrant and highly durable along with 36 pre-wound bobbins. While this particular thread kit can be utilized for almost all sewing machines, this can also be used perfectly for hand sewing purposes.

  • Great quality polyester thread
  • Comes with durable acrylic bobbins
  • Can be used on any kind of sewing machine
  • Not ideal for use on high-speed sewing machines on extended time
Sewing Machine Thread

Quarkace Sewing Machine Thread Kit

For the case of all-purpose thread needs, a good option to consider in this list is the Quarkace Sewing Machine Thread Kit. This thread is a preference by many because it can be used for various kinds of sewing works which include embroidery, hand as well as machine sewing, hand knitting, and various other crafts and arts.

The kit provides you with 28 bobbins including its threads and another 32 polyester threads. There’s more than enough number of threads in this set, and each spool has a thousand yards of thread – more than enough to let you sew for a long time. Furthermore, you get a free threader for effortless and fast threading.

  • Each thread is made from high-quality polyester
  • 1000 yards of thread on every spool
  • Comes with additional white and black threads
  • Not enough threads of the same color
Sewing Thread

SOLEDI 24 Color Sewing Thread Kit

In case you want a good variety and number of threads to consider on your kit, you can look up the SOLEDI 24-Color Sewing Thread Kit over the market. This polyester thread comes with a 42-piece collection of ultra-durable threads for general sewing purposes with the sewing machine.

Ideal for machine sewing purposes but can also be used for hand or manual sewing. It has both tough as well as smooth features for a wide range of sewing purposes. It comes with 24 varying colors to give you a good range of color options for your next sewing project.

  • Ultra-durable polyester thread
  • Comes with 24 array of colors in the kit
  • Kit comes with 42 thread pieces
  • Tends to break when used excessively on long hours

Our final thoughts

Now, these thread choices on this list are only a fraction of what can be seen on the market. The only difference with the other threads is that these threads on this list have been tried and tested by most sewing enthusiasts. Also, the reviews, as well as the feedback on these threads, are so impressive that it’s simply so hard to ignore. These threads are all worth investing in as you’ll get the highest quality of threads that are highly durable along with parts that are reusable.

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