How To Fold A Handkerchief In 8 Unique Ways

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If you’re looking for unique ways and not just the ordinary or rectangular way to fold your handkerchief, then you’re in for a treat. There is more than just one kind of fold for your handkerchief. Depending on the use, where you keep your handkerchief, and when to use your handkerchief, there is an appropriate fold for it. The kind of fold for your handkerchief will show how sophisticated you are and your level of detail when it comes to the things you use. So, without further ado, here are 8 unique ways on how you can fold your handkerchief.

8 Unique Ways On How To Fold A Handkerchief

Listed below are your options for folding your handkerchief. Remember, your handkerchief should be square-shaped. Although these folding techniques can also be used for other shapes, it works best for square handkerchiefs. Also, if you need to consider the pocket where you will keep the handkerchief – bigger handkerchiefs require bigger pockets. You don’t want to have a big handkerchief kept in a small pocket – it would leave a bulge on the pocket which may not be very attractive or pleasing to look at.

  1. 1-point Fold
1 point fold

First on our list is the 1-point pocket square fold. To do this kind of fold with your handkerchief, first, you need to place your handkerchief flat on a surface. The handkerchief should be laid in a position like a diamond, with the tip of one edge of the square on top and the other at the bottom.

Pick up the bottom edge and fold it towards the top edge – doing so will leave you with a triangle. Now imagine a vertical line that divides the triangle evenly. Once the imaginary lines are established, pick up the right side and fold towards the second line near the left side of the handkerchief. Next is to fold the left side towards the end of the right side. Press the handkerchief firmly to maintain the fold and shape.

This kind of fold leaves you with a square bottom and a triangle top which is a popular fold for handkerchiefs when placed on chest pockets of coats or tuxedos.

  • 2-point Fold

Basically, the 2-point fold for a handkerchief is pretty much the same as the 1-point fold. The only difference is that there are two points protruding from the top. To do this, lay the handkerchief flat on a surface in a diagonal or diamond position. Pick up the bottom end and fold it upwards just like the 1-point fold procedure. Only this time, make sure not to lay one end on top of the other – fold the bottom end at a distance from the top end.

Again, imagine there are 3 vertical lines on the triangle. Then fold the right end toward the second line from the right. After which, fold the left side toward the end of the right end.

This kind of fold is also great for chest pockets for coats, polo shirts, or tux. For a better view of a suit or any of the mentioned clothes, make sure that the vertical lines on each side are totally hidden from view by snugging the handkerchief all the way down.

  • 3-Point Fold
3-point fold

What if you want more handkerchief tips or ends protruding from your pocket? You can do so with the 3-point Fold.

The first is to start the same way with the 2-point fold with the bottom end towards the top end. Make sure that both ends do not meat or lay on top of the other – set it at a distance apart. With the 3 imaginary vertical lines, pick up the right end and fold it towards the second line from the right – only this time, fold it upwards. Folding it upwards leaves you with three points or ends at the top. After this, fold the left side toward the base of the right side.

  • 4-point Fold

At this point, you probably think that all the kinds of folds would just be increasing from 1 to infinity but you’re wrong. This is the last kind of fold with a particular number of tips. It has 4 tips on top which kind of looks like a rose petal when worn in a chest pocket.

To do this fold, simply start with the diagonal form and fold the bottom toward the top like the 2-point fold. After which, pick up the tip of the right side and fold it going up. It should be situated beside one tip of the handkerchief. Then pick up the tip of the left side and fold it up beside the right-most tip. Pull the fold on the left and right sides inward toward the middle.

This provides a rose-like look of the handkerchief to show elegance and being romantic.

  • Puff Fold
Puff fold

The puff fold or also called the “poof fold,” because it resembles a blown-up balloon inside the pocket. Although it may not be ideal for formal attire, it does provide a stylish look for the wearer.

To do the puff fold, lay the handkerchief down on a surface with one end directed upward, downward, and to the sides – forming a diamond-like the previous folds. Next is to pinch the middle of the handkerchief and pull upwards. The ends should be dangling or hanging evenly with each other on the same level.

While still holding the top, hold the body with your other hand and tug to create a loose tube shape. After which, release the hand holding the top and roll up the bottom ends of the tube. Make sure that the ends do not reach the peak or top-level else it will be visible from the pocket – make sure that it remains hidden. Make sure that only the rounded top is visible from the pocket.

  • Winged Puff Fold

If you like the 1-point fold but hope to add more folds or style on it then adding some sort of wing effect might do. To do this type of fold, lay the handkerchief flat on a surface in a diagonal form. This time, pick up the top end and fold it down making sure that the ends meet right on top of the other. After which, pick up the right tip of the triangle and fold it towards the bottom.  Do the same with the left tip. This will leave you with a small diagonal shape with a middle cut.

Reduce the dimensions by folding the sides along with the bottom towards the middle.

  • Scallop Fold

If you like a more round or soft edge for your handkerchief on your chest pocket, then the Scallop fold might just do the trick for you. You start off with the usual diagonal shape on a flat surface, then pick up the bottom tip to told upwards toward the top tip. Fold the right tip toward the left tip – this should leave you with a small triangle.

Now imagine a vertical line on the triangle to divide it by three then curl the right side toward the second line from the right. Do the same thing for the left side toward the second line from the left. Tuck the triangle bottom of the handkerchief into your pocket and make sure it has a good position or view.

  • Dunaway Fold

If you like the look of a flower or a crown peeping out of your pocket like the puff fold, then you can also try the Dunaway Fold. This fold leaves an impression of a crown or petals of flowers from your chest pocket.

To do this fold, start off with the diagonal shape then pinch the middle part and pull upward. Hold the middle part with the other hand and tug gently to create a tube. Maintaining the tubular shape, invert the position and spread the edges to make it look like a crown or a flower. Fold the base upward toward the center and press firmly to set it in place. Tuck it in the pocket and make sure the edges are carefully set in place.

Our final thoughts

Now, these handkerchief folds are used primarily for formal ventures and events however can also be worn on other occasions. Also, the size of the handkerchief may cause a huge effect on the overall look and style of the fold thus it is important to consider the right size of the handkerchief. In addition, the beauty of the handkerchief fold on a chest pocket can further be enhanced by choosing the right color that matches the suit or shirt. An ideal color would be one that is in contrast with the suit or dress.

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