How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine

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So, you’ve decided to buy your very own Brother sewing machine for making your own dresses and clothes. The only problem is that you don’t know how to thread a brother sewing machine. In case you’re trying to deal with this problem or if you wonder if your knowledge of other models of sewing machines is applicable with the Bother sewing machine therefore this article would benefit you greatly. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to thread a brother sewing machine.

Beginners Guide on How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine

For this particular “how-to” article, we’ll divide it into three major parts which comprise winding the bobbin, next is about threading the needle, and following after that is loading up the bobbin thread in order to prepare for sewing. Also, there are a plethora of models for the Brother sewing machine brand however all of these have the same basic functions and features that will be covered in this tutorial. So, let’s begin.

How to thread a brother sewing machine
  1. Winding the bobbin

In the first process of winding the actual bobbin, you should position the spool which is located on the topmost part of the machine. Just put the thread spool onto the spool pin located on top of the machine. In the case of winding the machine bobbin, the machine or device has to be switched on. For the case of an already wound-up bobbin, you can skip this process and move on to the next procedure below.

Next is to wrap the actual thread by drawing its tail or end from the spool towards the direction of the bobbin winding tension disc which is situated on the other part or side of the sewing machine. Ensure that a clockwise rotation is performed by the bobbin component when unraveling the thread. In case it is spinning on a counter-clockwise motion, flip the spool pin to reverse. As you wrap or wind up the machine thread over the disc, the particular thread should be starting from the left portion of the disc, then around it, after which to the front position of the machine.

Following shortly would be to fix the thread towards the machine’s bobbin hole. Insert the end of the thread into the hold in the bobbin. Have at least 3 of 4 inches extra length from the hole as allowance. After which, lock the bobbin in place within the winding shaft and then slide the shaft over to its place. The thread tail should be facing up from the hole. Turn the bobbin toward a clockwise rotation until the shaft is secured in its place.

Now secure the thread by wrapping it around and causing tension by holding its tail while pressing the foot pedal or controller. As you press, allow the thread to wrap the bobbin a few times before stopping. When finished, cut the tail that is coming out of the bobbin.

Fill the bobbin via continuous winding. While this is done by stepping on the pedal or foot controller, other models of Brother sewing machine are going to fill the bobbin and afterward will stop in an instant when full. After the bobbin is full, you can now remove it from its place by cutting the thread which connects the spool along with the bobbin. Then next is to situate the bobbin shaft in the left position to be ready for the next procedures

  1. Threading the needle

Make certain that the sewing machine is off this time when doing this process. To start threading the need, raise the thread lever of the machine located on the front part. This is will be part that directly contacts the fabric that is sewn. Rotate the balance wheel towards the right direction to raise the lever towards its highest level.

After which, load the spool over the pin situated over the top of the machine then pull the thread toward the channel on the right side of the machine. Tug or pull the thread towards the top position of the machine all towards the thread guide and then down to the right channel located in front of the machine. To make certain that the thread does not tangle, later on, make sure that the actual thread moves through the right channel in a vertical line – not diagonal.

Then after that, you can then proceed with wrapping the thread about the tension discs. There is a tension dial that is located between the two channels on the front side and this needs to be the place where to wrap the thread. While you wrap, move in the direction or rotation of left to right or clockwise motion. While doing this, the check spring should be triggered from the left portion of the dial.

The next procedure would be to simply guide the actual thread over in order to the take-up lever. Drag the thread from the left channel, above, and then towards the hook of the lever. Finish by pulling the particular thread downwards the left channel which is located on one side of the lever. Right after this, the thread will slip easily towards the hook of the lever.

Then hook the thread onto the remaining thread guide of the machine. Pull or tug the thread downwards to the machine needle and hook it towards the last thread guide.

Finally, insert the thread tail in the eye or hole of the needle. While you thread the needle, maintain at least 2 inches extra length of the tail as allowance. Pull the tail towards the back of the machine.

  1. Loading up the bobbin thread

Now comes the last process of threading your Brother sewing machine. Rotate the balance wheel in order for the needle to be raised at the highest position. From this point, the device or machine should be switched off to prevent accidental movement of the needle.

After which, pop off the bobbin case via the case latch. The shuttle cover of the bobbin is usually found at the back part of the extension table located at the front side of the sewing machine. To remove the latch completely, simply pull towards you until it totally pops off.

Once the latch is removed, position the bobbin within its case then slide the machine thread tail towards the slot found in the case. Before you place the bobbin in the case, unwind or lengthen the tail to around 4 inches for allowance.

After setting up the machine bobbin case, put it back in the sewing machine by releasing the latch that keeps the case locked in place. Following shortly, cycle the sewing machine needle by at least once by rotating the wheel towards you. In your position, you should see the needle sinking to the bottom of the machine and rising up as you turn the wheel.

With your finger, carefully catch the loop that the thread is making while also breaking up open the loop at the same time. In this case, there must be two tails of the thread which is coming out from the hole where the needle fits, and one from the needle itself.

Lastly, pull or tug both the threads to secure them in place towards the direction of the end of the machine. Then when you’re done with this then you can now start with your sewing process.

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