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If you wish to learn to stitch, knowing just how to operate a machine is not enough. It may help you to do basic tasks related to sewing, but they won’t do any good in the long run. If you wish to become popular in this industry, you’ll have to know more than just the basics. As a sewist, you should also know how to remove the existing stitches in clothes.

There are several tools available that can remove stitches. But the most popular stitch remover is a seam ripper. It also goes by the name of stitch ripper. There’s also this tool called seam ripper, which can help remove stitches in clothes. As a skilled sewist, you should be well aware of how to use a seam ripper. You cannot rely on machines for every job; some of the tasks require manual work.

Such is the case with a stitch remover or seam ripper. You will have to learn how to use one so that you can detach the existing stitches easily.

How to use Seam Ripper

What do you mean by a seam ripper?

People often call them reversing tools for stitching. Since they reverse whatever you just sewed, you can also call them anti-sewing tools. Suppose you made a mistake while sewing your fabric, or you used the wrong sewing pattern. You can reverse any of these mistakes by just using simple equipment called seam ripper. You cannot only remove or reverse stitches but also cut threads by a seam ripper.

Seam rippers are a type of stitching tool which can easily cut loose threads and reverse stitches. For cutting off the wrong stitches, the equipment has a sharp point. It comes with a U-shaped blade. The seam rippers have two spikes, a long and a short one. The shorter one has a bright red ball at the top so it doesn’t ruin the fabric instead. The shorter spike is red so that it is easily visible from quite a distance.

If you use a seam ripper, it is unlikely to cut the fabric. But it is not entirely impossible. If you are not careful while using the seam ripper, you may ruin the fabric by cutting it. By using the longer spike, you can cut through the unwanted stitches and remove them. Besides cutting threads and removing stitches, you can also use a seam ripper to open buttonholes.

But if you don’t know the proper way of using a seam ripper, you can severely ruin the fabric. And once you’ve cut the fabric, there is no going back. So instead of experimenting with it, you can learn how to use it.

How to use Seam Ripper ? When we use seam ripper?

Using the stitch unpicker is relatively easy if you know the right process. You can use this tool for several stitching methods, and all of them require different approaches. Let’s start with the most basic one:

1. If you wish to detach individual stitches that are less in number, it is a simple process. Take the piece of fabric, and stretch it evenly between your fingers so that you can see the stitches individually. Now, start ripping out them one by one using the pointed spike of the unpicker. Go on pushing the unpicker until it has cut all the stitches. At last, cut all the left threads. This is a simple process if you have just a few stitches to detach or are not too tight. 

2. If there are several stitches that you need to remove, then the above process may turn out a bit lengthy. For such cases, use the other spike of the unpicker containing the red ball. First, use the pointed end to cut a few of the starting stitches. Then use the red ball and insert it inside the layers of fabric. Once it’s inside, hold the material tight, so it doesn’t slip away. Now move this spike with the ball in the forward direction, along the stitches. The ball will slide smoothly along the seam, and the blade will cut the threads.

3. You can also use this tool for widening buttonholes. If the buttonholes of your shirts are too narrow for the button, then worry not. We have the perfect tool and a simple process to do so. Stick two all-pins at the corners of the hole to hold it in place. Now, use the unpicker to create a spot in it. Use both the spikes to do so. Start with the pointy one and then expand the hole with the help of the ball.  


You may find the above processes easy while reading, but they can be complicated while performing. So before you attempt using a seam ripper to pull out stitches from your fabric, understand its use correctly. Because once you ruin the material, there is no going back.

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