Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machine for you in 2021

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Currently speaking, sewists and embroiders have plenty of options at their disposal. Not only do they have several machines and devices, but also various other tools and equipment. Nowadays, they can perform various operations with a single piece of fabric, other than just stitching it together. You can do quilting, embroidery, trimming, etc. All these processes are sub-processes of the basic stitching. Some of these are essential to make a practical garment. At the same time, some others are just for adding an extra flair to the clothes.

The cover stitch machines are essential as they help secure the fabric’s edges so that there are no loose threads. But the quilting and embroidery machines are more of a decorative addition rather than a necessity. These machines are also available in other different categories, according to the tools and equipment they use.

For example, an embroidery machine is basically of two types; single-needle and multi-needle. The name itself suggests what’s in store for us. Single needle machines are primarily for the small-scale production of embroidered clothes. At the same time, Multi Needle Embroidery Machine are more commercial machines.

For the past few years, people at a commercial level were only allowed to have multi-needle embroidery machines. It was partly due to their more extensive requirements and more comprehensive budget plans. Small-scale sewists were not able to afford expensive multi-needle machines. Therefore, they had to make do with single needle machines only. But this isn’t the case anymore. Due to the current advancements in technology, everyone can afford a multi-needle embroidery machine.

So, if you wish to expand your at-home business, you will have to switch to a multi-needle machine now. A single needle machine won’t do the job anymore, as it isn’t compatible enough to endure heavy stitching. But, multi-needle machines are also of several different types. The kind of machine you will buy depends upon the scope of your project. Every machine is designed to serve different purposes. So choose a machine that perfectly fits all your requirements.

List of Some Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machine:

When you are out shopping for an adequate multi-needle embroidery machine for yourself, there are several questions in your mind. Which brand machine will be best for you? What features to look for while buying a machine? What should be the size of the machine? Will it fit inside your working space? And many more.

To ease your mind a bit, we are here with a list of some of the best multi-needle embroidery machines. Please have a look at them and then decide on which one to purchase.

Janome MB-4S-

 Multi Needle Embroidery Machine:
Janome MB-4S

This machine is one of the best Multi Needle Embroidery Machine under $6000. So, even if you have a tight budget, you can still afford a top-class multi-needle machine. Among all the muli needle machines currently available in the market, Janome MB-4S is the cheapest one. But this doesn’t mean that you should underestimate its features or functionality. The machine has four needles. This machine is highly compact and lightweight, weighing just over 20 kilos. Still, it contains almost all the top features found in those machines with enormous body weight. The Janome multi-needle embroidery machine is best and cheapest multi-needle embroidery machines you can find in 2021

With all these fantastic features, there’s just one drawback to this machine; its warranty period. This machine comes with a warranty period of just one year. Apart from this, you cannot use this machine while tending to larger projects as it has only four needles. All in all, it is a good machine under this price range. You can consider buying it if you’re not able to afford other expensive machines.

Janome MB-7-

Janome MB-7

This is another multi-needle machine by the company Janome. It has seven needles, which is a miracle in itself. This machine contains all the features that were in Janome MB-4S. It is just one level up than the previous machine, with seven needles for stitching. One of the best things about this machine is that you can work with all the file designs that sewists use in industries. Also, you can upload your customized designs by using the fifty built-in embroidery designs. The machine comes with a USB to upload your designs into the machine. All these fantastic features allow you to reach the full potential of your skills and talent. So, use your vivid imagination and create something fantastic.

Melco Amaya Bravo-

Melco Amaya Bravo

If you have a small shop and do not wish to spend too much on an embroidery machine, go for this one. This machine is highly affordable so that even small businessmen/ businesswomen can own it. Another essential feature of this machine is that it comes with a start-up manual. It contains all the designs and software which you will require for operating this machine. This machine consists of sixteen needles for embroidery and is highly flexible to use. You can stitch almost every kind of fabric with this machine. The highlighting feature of this machine is its motor. It is extremely tough and robust and won’t break down under high pressure. It can be a plus point if you are running a small embroidery shop because the last thing you want is your machine to break down amid a large project.

Juki Tajima Sai-

Juki Tajima Sai-

This machine by Juki has eight needles for embroidery. Apart from having an impressive number of needles, this machine also has enormous available hoops in the market. Whether you have a small business or a large commercial one, this machine will serve all your purposes. Along with all the top-level features of this machine, the most impressive one is its software package. It comes equipped with more than 1000 designs, which you can utilize in your stitches. The machine has plenty of advanced features best suited for current technological trends in the market. It has a laser point which ensures that all the stitches are proper and efficient. Lastly, you can effortlessly download stitch patterns from the internet and import them on this machine.

Pfaff Creative Stylist MN 110-

Pfaff Creative Stylist MN 110

This multi-needle machine by Pfaff Creative has ten needles and a single head. It is undoubtedly the best embroidery machine available in the current market. You can use this machine for either small-scale production or larger commercial projects. Its high stitch speed assures that you won’t skip your work deadlines anytime soon. One of its time-saving features is the bobbin winder. This machine comes equipped with a separate set for winding bobbins. So, when you are stitching your clothes, you can wind the bobbin so that both the processes can go on smoothly. Last but not least, this machine comes with a warranty period of 20 years. It might be one of the most reassuring features of the machine.

Apart from the models, which brand has best Multi Needle Embroidery Machine that can considered more superior?

People often shy away from popular brands to save a few pennies. But in actuality, they are wasting more money than they are saving. Investing more money in a trusted brand is way better than wasting less money on a new one. Newer brands are not much trustworthy, as they don’t have any image to maintain. Whereas popular and old brands have must maintain their clean image to thrive in the market. Therefore, they never double-cross their customers. Also, newer brands have no guarantee of being available for the long term. But since older brands have been there for a long, so they won’t just close their business suddenly.

So, which are these popular and trusted brands? Let’s have a look at them:

  • JANOME- It is a Japanese brand that was founded in 1921 on the 16th of October. Since then, it has been one of the most popular and trusted names in the sewing industry. Just the name of this brand is enough for someone to buy the stitching machine. Although the machine produced under this brand is pretty expensive, but their features are worth spending such an amount of money. Their machines are highly effective and efficient. So you won’t be wasting any money by buying them.
  • JUKI- Another marvel from Japan. It is one of the most popular stitching machine brands in the current market. This brand originated in Tokyo in 1938. Earlier, they used to produce stitching and embroidery machines for industries only. But now they are planning to expand their business in the home customer market too. So now, even small-scale manufacturers can produce machines under the banner of JUKI. Maintaining a steady positive reputation is a significant feat, and they have succeeded in it. The customer ratings and feedback are also favorable at large.
  • PFAFF- Perfection starts with P, and so does PFAFF. This company originated in Germany in 1862. their main goal is to design flawless and durable machines. Their US branch is owned by the company Singer, which is another famous name in the stitching industry. In current times, PFAFF is responsible for producing the most robust stitching as well as embroidery machines. Even their multi-needle machines are a treasure to possess.
  • Brother- Another Japanese company, it originated in 1908. They are a big name in the global stitching market. Their machines are known to be highly durable and reliable. Currently, their headquarters are in the US. Due to their stitching machines being the most popular in the US, people take them as an American brand. But in fact, it is of Japanese origin. Apart from conventional stitching machines, their embroidery machines, quilting machines, sergers, etc., are also quite popular.
  • BabyLock- Another Japanese company, it originated in 1946. Its most significant achievement is the introduction of serger machines in the stitching industry. BabyLock manufactured the world’s first-ever serger stitching machine. And that’s what paved their path towards imminent success. Although, not everyone can own them as they are pretty expensive. So, currently, only those with a broader budget can afford a stitching machine by BabyLock.

Why should I buy a multi needle embroidery machine? Does it have any advantages?

Well, the answer is a big YES. Muli needle machines have tons of advantages over single needle machines. We have summarized the most important advantages in a list given below:

  • Minimized threading-re threading: Due to the presence of multiple needles, you don’t have to go on changing the thread constantly. If you want to use threads of two different colors in a piece of fabric, all you need to do is give the required instruction to your machine. The machine will do the rest of the job on its own. Therefore, there is no need for threading and rethreading frequently. It not only saves your time and effort but also reduces the possibility of mistakes while threading.
  • Hooping: The mechanism of hooping is relatively more straightforward in multi-needle machines in comparison with single needle machines. It is because these machines do not have ordinary beds. Instead, they have free arms. It is where the hoop attaches to the machine. Due to the presence of a free arm, it is relatively easier to attach the hoop to the machine. Or, you can skip having a hoop if you’re dealing with a multi-needle machine. You can replace hoops with clamps. In this way, you can avoid having a hoop. You will have to purchase these clamps as an add-on with the machine.
  • Tension: It is pretty standard that if we put the entire stress or tension on a single needle, it can break. Whereas, if we divide the same amount of tension among multiple needles, they may last longer. And in some cases, they won’t even break down. Therefore, multi-needle machines have more reliability of tension in comparison with single needle machines.
  • Speed: As compared to single-needle machines, multi-needle machines are faster. Their stitching speed is way better than single needle machines. It is because multi-needle machines are optimized machines. They are trained to perform only that single job, therefore, the ace in it. On the other hand, single-needle machines are all in one machine. Therefore, their speed gets distributed evenly among various other jobs they’ve been doing.
  • Stitches look better: Although it depends upon individual opinion, multi-needle machines create better stitches than single needle machines. In terms of looks and quality, multi-needle machines dominate the market. In comparison, the stitches by single-needle machines are less attractive and sloppy.
  • Identifying the center is easy: One of the best features of multi-needle machines is that it comes with an LED light. So, even if you are working in poor lighting conditions, you won’t face any problems. It will allow you to adjust the design of the machine so that it is appropriately placed at the center.

Do multi needle machines have any disadvantages too? Well, let’s see

Like any other machine, multi-needle machines also do have some disadvantages, like:


Multi-needle machines can be extremely costly, as compared to single-needle machines. Their costs can be anywhere between a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. It just depends on the model. However, if you are running a big business, you can afford such expensive machines. And if you only have a small business, you should first focus on increasing your sales to grow financially. And then you can buy a multi-needle machine.


Multi-needle machines are pretty heavy and complex. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to carry them anywhere with ease. So, it is advised to operate them while keeping them at your workspace or at places where you won’t have to move them constantly.


So, we’re at the end of this article. I hope we provided you with sufficient information to help you choose the perfect multi-needle machine for you.

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