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In this era of technology, everything has undergone modernization. Whether we might be talking of the commercial industry or the domestic one, the computer now rules on all. Now coming over to the domestic industry, we will be focusing on sewing and stitching machines. They have been in the picture since medieval times but were not much important. It’s just now that they are getting recognization. 

Earlier, these machines were manual, having a hand wheel for the sewists to operate. But with changing times, they went through much evolution. And now, we have with us a sewing machine that supports artificial intelligence. Yes, you heard right. It is none other than the new model of Pfaff Creative. 

People often believe that sequels are never much popular. But this new model by Pfaff Creative seems to contradict our beliefs. The Pfaff Creative Icon 2 is the next in line with the previous version of Pfaff Creative Icon. 

Pfaff Creative
Pfaff Creative

About this machine and the use of A.I. in it

Sewing machines are mostly either manually operated or by computer software. These days, the market is flooding with digital stitching machines. Since they are more comfortable than manual machines, their demand is increasing with every passing day. But now, the market is all set to witness a dramatic change in the world of stitching machines. Up until now, we only had digital machines to contend ourselves with, but the times are changing. Now there’s going to be one with A.I. technology. 

The Pfaff Creative Icon 2 is a brand new stitching machine that supports artificial intelligence. It has an updated microprocessor that helps run this machine smoothly. Since it is A.I.-generated, it has some impressive features to offer. Unlike your regular stitching machines, this can recognize speech. You can give your commands by speaking directly to the machine, and it will perform them. 

Let’s have a look at some of the exciting features this Pfaff Creative machine offers

1. We, humans, tend to talk to our things, even if they don’t respond. But the current technology makes this entirely possible. Now, if anyone catches you having a conversation with your stitching machine, they won’t laugh anymore. Because this new machine supports the feature of speech recognition, allowing you to command your machine by just speaking to it. You can connect your smartphone with the machine and talk into it to give commands to your machine.

2. The machine also comes with a projector. The camera helps you to quickly locate small stitches and loose threads anywhere in the cloth. When you urn on the stitching mode, you can see the exact spots of the stitches. All these grid lines and overlays are present in vivid colors so that they are visible on clothes of any color. 

3. If you are one of those people who love adding decorative features to your clothes, you might like what this machine has in store for you. This stitching machine comes with another impressive feature; an embellishment accessory. It allows the machine to add various decorative stuff to your fabric automatically. It has a 360° rotation mechanism to ensure that the decorations stay put. 

4. This machine also has it’s very own software. mySewnet is cloud-based embroidery software. So using this software, you can easily share your designs and decorations on the cloud. Since it is on the internet, you can also enable your notifications to get regular updates. By using this software, you can search this blog for anything related to sewing and stitching. 

The above Pfaff Creative machine comes in three different designs; let’s have a look at them:

There are three different colors available for the Pfaff Creative Icon 2. 

  • White- The most basic of colors available in any stitching machine is white. This particular machine is also single in the same color, with a slight difference in the shade. This is no regular white, preferably the white shade of ice. It will bring a positive vibe to your working environment and encourage you to be more creative. The machine shows a graphic texture, providing both depth and movement to it. 
  • Dusk- Another variation of color, the dark shade of dusk. It not only has the color of darkness but also offers a fabric-like texture. This cloth-like texture gives you a warm and welcoming feel. You may feel like you have sewn the fabric of the machine. 
  • Northern Lights- Witnessing the northern lights is no less than watching a miracle unfold. They are indeed a magnificent sight. But not everyone can afford to go there and watch them. So we have brought this stitching machine hat gives off the impression of northern lights with its color. It brings a sense of calm and composure to you and helps your concentrate on your sewing. 

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