9 Best Portable Sewing Machine For Beginner

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Are you tired of those heavy stitching machines? Well, why not get a portable sewing machine ?

Portability is an essential asset in stitching machines, especially for those who are frequent travelers. Having a heavy stitching machine that you cannot carry around can seem like a big obstacle in your path. Moreover, if you have a portable sewing machine but it’s too heavy, it can also cause a hindrance. We can conclude that owning a portable appliance is not enough, and you should have one that is compact too.

Owning such a versatile device gives you the liberty to sew anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s from your home’s comfort or a workspace, you can carry off the device anywhere with apparent ease. However, do not underestimate the worth of these machines just because they are small and compact. Portable swing machine can be extremely sturdy and robust, given that you chose the right one.

Transitioning from a regular-sized device to a compact portable device may have its difficulties. But once you get used to it, it becomes far easier to manage and operate. If you are a beginner, then you should opt for a portable device and not a regular one. Because you’re likely attending a stitching class, therefore you’ll constantly need to move with your device. In this case, having a compact and portable sewing machine is exceptionally comfortable.

Why are portable sewing machine a better choice?

As compared to regular stitching machines, portable machines are far easier to manage. Also, their diminished size results in less cost too. So, portable stitching machines are not only flexible but also economical. Also called handheld stitching machines, these are the single solution to all your stitching-related problems.

Don’t have enough space to house your regular-sized stitching device? Get a portable one. Have to travel frequently for sewing assignments? Get a portable stitching device. Are you a beginner and don’t know how to operate larger stitching machines? Well, the answer’s simple, get a portable stitching machine!

The matter isn’t just about the size, though. Several portable stitching machines come in regular sizes. The only difference is that they are less heavy and burly. On the other hand, plenty of handheld stitching machines are alternatives to regular-sized devices. They are portable but also strong enough to carry out some basic and advanced level repairs. All this depends on your requirement and budget.

Whether you get a small machine or a big one, it shouldn’t drain out your entire savings.

Benefits and drawbacks of owning a handheld stitching  machine


The most significant benefit is in the name itself; its portability. It is probably the best feature of this machine. The portability factor makes it highly convenient to use and carry. Introducing portable stitching machines was an intelligent move. It revolutionized the sewing and stitching industry. These machines not only made sewing more comfortable but also accessible to everyone.

However, if you wish to replace your conventional stitching machine with a handheld one, it’s not a good option. A regular stitching machine is far more compatible and versatile as compared to a handheld one. Although, it still can be advantageous. A handheld stitching machine will provide you with the ease of carrying it around while performing basic stitches and repair jobs.

Handheld stitching machines are great for beginners, as they’re not much complicated to operate. At this beginning stage, people hesitate to spend much on stitching machines. So, they buy a portable handheld one, as it is budget-friendly. Handheld devices all fall under the affordable price range, even the branded ones. You can perform straight stitches from them, which we consider as the stepping stone to learning stitching.


Apart from all the benefits of portable handheld stitching machines, they still have plenty of disadvantages. Their biggest drawback is that people mostly find them inconvenient to use. Their small body and compact design make it difficult for people to assess. Due to more minor features, these types of machines mostly have just a few buttons. All this makes it quite complicated for people to understand.

Since handheld machines are inexpensive, sometimes they can be cheap and flimsy. They can easily break down under heavy load and pressure. It also adds to the fact that you cannot sew rich fabrics by using handheld stitching machines. They can only sew basic stitches and some repair jobs. Their mechanism cannot adapt to complicated stitching patterns. And if you attempt it anyway, their stitches won’t hold for a long time.

Why is a portable sewing machine better than a handheld one?

We commonly place the handheld stitching machines under the category of a portable device. However, there are several differences between these two. Although they are portable and compact, they come nowhere near the versatility of a mobile machine. Handheld machines are trending currently due to their portability and low cost. But when people buy them, they often get disappointed. They are not as flexible and capable as portable machines.

Portable stitching machines are just like the regular ones, except for an apparent lack of bulk and additional features. As they are for people who travel often, they are pretty lightweight and compact. As compared to regular-sized machines, portable ones lack plenty of additional features. It does not mean that they are not capable enough. But they are what people would call basic features.

However, portable stitching machines are not capable enough of handling thick fabrics and large projects. It is because their body has more percentage of plastic and less metal. The presence of plastic makes the body lightweight but also less sturdy. Due to this, these devices are unable to handle bulky projects. If we subject them to thick fabrics, they might breakdown under pressure.

How to choose a suitable portable sewing machine for yourself?

With portable stitching device available in abundance, people often get confused about choosing the right one for them. So, we here have compiled a list of features or characters you should look for when selecting a machine.

First of all, if it will be a portable machine, it should be under some specific weight limit. You cannot carry a heavy device around in your bag. Nor can it be overly complex, which may take some time in assembling and dismantling. If you are a frequent traveler, you can look for a handheld machine, as they are both lightweight and compact. However, if you plan to work primarily at home or nearby places, you can opt for a slightly larger portable machine. In portable stitching machines, toughness decreases with a decrease in size. Therefore, if you wish to stitch heavy materials, do not get a handheld machine. Instead, get a relatively larger portable one.

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional sewist, you’ll still need a portable stitching device that is easy to operate. Having a device that is easy to use and learn is suitable for everyone. If you are a beginner, it will be easy for you to understand the machine’s basic operations if it isn’t too complicated. Now, if you are a professional, you might want to pass on your skills to others. For this, you’ll need a portable devicewhich is easy to use and learn.

A machine’s usability goes hand in hand with its durability. To sew heavy fabrics, your device needs to be highly durable. Handheld portable machines lose the competition; they are not strong enough to sew rich fabrics—these types of machines often breakdown under heavy pressure and load. A durable device is likely to have a firm needle and a well-equipped bobbin. With both of these present, your device is unlikely to breakdown while working on heavy fabrics.

9 of the best portable sewing machine for you to choose

1. Magicfly- 

portable sewing machine

This portable stitching machine by Magicfly is one of the best ones out there. Due to its versatility and features, it’s pretty in-demand among the sewing crowd. This portable machine has over 12 stitching patterns and has thread included within it. It is perfect for beginners as it comes along with a guide for threading. You can look into it and learn the basics of threading and stitching. This portable machine has two power supplies; a plug and a battery.

2. Laixwec- 


Having the appearance of a regular stitching device, this is a portable one. It has one stitching pattern and a thread cutter. This machine also has a long cord for the power supply. You can attach this cord to any outlet if the device needs the power to operate. The best feature of this device is its safety feature. It is safe enough so that even your children can use it without any dangerous consequences. If you’re someone whose interests lie in DIY projects, then this is the best portable stitching machine for you. It is versatile and compact, meaning you can carry it around anywhere without any difficulties.


If you wish to buy a portable stitching machine but also don’t want to spend too much, well, you’re at the right place then. This portable machine by GODCRYSTAL is a good quality machine, under an affordable price range. Although it has no backstitching features, it still works pretty well. Equipped with a single stitching pattern, it has no additional inclusions with it. However, it is perfect for those who travel frequently. This machine is a handheld machine without a cord. Therefore you can use it to make repairs on the go.

4. Sew Mighty- 

Sew Mighty

Although it is for everyone who sews, it is famous among beginners. If you have no idea about sewing and stitching, this device’s undoubtedly going to help you learn a thing or two. With its standard design and accessible features, you will acquire a brand new skill in no time. You can power it using either a battery or a cord, depending upon where you’re using it. Along with being affordable, it also has relatively high usability. You can work on almost any type of material using this device. Although small in size, the right hand, this machine can work wonders.

5. Singer- 

Singer 7258

This portable stitching machine by Singer comes with 32 stitching patterns and also a backstitch. It owes half of its popularity to its brand, which is at the top of the list of stitching device. Being a bit tougher than the handheld machine by Singer, this is still easy to carry. Along with being portable, this machine also retains its stitching abilities. You can use this machine to sew all kinds of fabric since it has a rather powerful motor. Whether this is your first machine or one in a list of many, Singer won’t disappoint you this time either.

6. Kaczor- 

If you wish to get a device that is not only tough but also has a longer life span, this is where your search ends. This portable stitching machine by Kacsoo has a rugged body and is easy to carry around. It has 12 stitching patterns and a backstitch. This device’s needle can sew through all types of heavy fabrics. So, if you love experimenting with different materials and projects, this device is the one for you.

7. NEX- 

If you are looking for a device that is efficient at doing repair and maintenance tasks, this is the right one for you. It is both compact and lightweight so that you can easily carry it on outdoor projects. It is pretty popular among the customers due to its plastic-covered needle and a workspace that extends at wish. Due to this feature, this machine is highly popular among the beginners.

8. Voltonix- 

This portable stitching device is one of the most popular among the customers. Its popularity is because it is an electric device, as well as mobile. You can use this machine to sew heavy fabrics and different stitching patterns. One of its most-loved features is its light focus. You can focus light on the needle area so that there are no errors in threading and stitching. This machine has two speeds and also a foot control.

9. Qualitative- 

Another portable stitching device on our list. You can use this device for minor repair and maintenance jobs. It is compact so that you can easily carry it around. But not to underestimate its capability due to its small size. You can also use this machine to perform some professional-level stitching and sewing tasks. Having an easy operational front, you can learn using it in mere 10-15 minutes.

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