Top 5 Best Rotating Cutting Mat for Quilting

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Anyone who loves to do crafts and arts as a hobby understands the importance of a cutting mat for every crafting project. While the primary job of the cutting mat is to make sure that you don’t’ damage your worktop or furniture, it also makes it easier to perform cuttings on your materials. In this article, let’s explore all that there is to know about rotating cutting mat for quilting and the best options in the market today.

Presently, there are many added features for a cutting mat – from imprinted grid lines, various measurements, self-healing features, heat resistance feature, and many others. With these many advancements in the cutting mat, one design which has been mostly favored by crafts and arts enthusiasts is the rotating cutting mat.

What is a rotating cutting mat?

A rotating cutting mat as its name suggests is a mat that has a rotate feature that allows you to effortlessly cut your materials without having to move to the corners. Its pretty much like any modern cutting mat that has grid lines and graduations, self-healing, but added with a rotating feature for easy and effortless cutting.

With its rotating feature, it is easy to access all corners or angles of materials being cut and it leaves excellent accuracy for fancier cuts. It comes with various sizes for specific kinds of cuts and to match any worktop dimension. Among the popular rotary cutting mats preferred for quilting include OLFA, Fiskars, Omnigrid, Martelli, and many others.

Top rotating cutting mat for quilting 2021

Here are your best choices of rotating quilting mat for the year 2021. These mats are carefully chosen based on criteria such as durability, quality of material, and self-healing feature. Investing on any of these choices will give you peace of mind and will guarantee a fun and effortless cutting for your crafts and arts ventures.

1. OLFA 12″ Rotating Mat

Rotating Cutting Mats
OLFA 12″ Rotating Mat
  • Double-sided mat for precision cutting.
  • 360 degrees smooth rotation with grid lines and markings.
  • Triple-layer heat welded design for durability
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Repeated cuts on hard materials such as blocks can damage the mat.
  • Strong rubber.

The OLFA 12” Rotating Mat is among the most popular choices of rotating mat in 2021 because of its added convenience and added features compared to the standard modern rotating mat. Among its favorite features is the rotating action that guides you accurately when cutting on angles such as 30, 45, and 90 degrees. Its self-healing feature enables you to cut seamlessly through your materials and fabrics without worrying of any scratches or cuts on your worktop. It works best with OLFA accessories such as the rulers and rotary cutters.

It is also designed with a non-slip back to prevent movement when cutting. Sizes available include 12×12 inches, and 17×17 inches.

2. Fiscars Rotating Cutting Mat

fiskars cutting mat
Fiscars Rotating Cutting Mat
  • Easy spin feature with less friction when rotating.
  • Stable and sticks on smooth worktops.
  • Comes with bag with handles for easy storage.
  • Rotating feature makes cuts quicker.
  • Mat may be too smooth and slippery.
  • The two mat pieces are not fixed or connected.

One trusted name when it comes to consumer products for outdoors, garden and home is Fiscars. It has established its name since the 1600’s and its products are acknowledged world-wide. Among its line of products that provide better cutting and quilting experience for sewers along with crafts and arts enthusiasts is the Fiscars Rotating Cutting mat.

It is designed with easy-to-read grid lines and markings to provide better accuracy when cutting and measuring fabrics and other materials. Among its crowned features is its high level of durability which far outperforms most modern cutting mats today. It also comes available with a 30, 45 and 60 degree line markings for easier cuts on angles without moving to each corners.

3. Omnigrid Rotating Cutting Mat

Omnigrid Rotating Cutting Mat
  • Designed with foam bottom that doesn’t slide around.
  • Round design makes it easy to move around corners and edges.
  • Easy to cut fabrics without turning.
  • Well balanced and rotates with minimal sound.
  • Rubber smell.
  • Self-healing feature is not as efficient as other top rotating cutting mats.

Third on our list on the most recommended rotating cutting mats is the Omnigrid Rotating Cutting mat. This particular rotating cutting mat is designed with alignments and grid marks to make easy angled cuts without compromising accuracy. It is also designed with a non-slip base that quickly sticks to smooth surfaces and worktops for a stable cutting experience without having to worry about the mat moving to places whenever cutting.  

Most of the time, this mat is preferred by quilters and craft and arts enthusiasts for cutting circle-based materials with angles but is also perfect for rectangular cutting ventures using rulers.

If there is another thing that should be loved form this mat is that its circular design makes it neat and organized to look at.

4. Martelli Rotating Cutting Mat

rotary cutting mat
Martelli Rotating Cutting Mat
  • Sturdy round cutting mat.
  • Enables users to cut and iron at the same.
  • Cutting board is replaceable when worn out.
  • Ball bearings provide smooth turns or rotations.
  • No ruler on outer edges of the mat.
  • Size is too small for large cutting and quilting purposes.

One more best-selling craft and arts, as well as sewing rotating cutting mat is the Martelli Rotating cutting mat. It is another round rotating cutting mat that is an easy and fairly aesthetic way to cut fabrics and other materials for sewing and quilting. It has a specially designed steel ball bearings which makes rotations seamless and with less friction – you can rotate the mat quickly without having to use much work and force.

This 3-piece set mat is made up of a turn-table base, a table-top ironing pad and the cutting mat. It has an approximate diameter of 16 inches which makes it excellent for cutting large materials or fabrics no bigger than 16 inches. Also, the mat is flexible enough to be used with or without the turntable. Without the turntable, simply lay the mat on a smooth surface or worktop and it will stick to it.

5. Calibre Art Rotating Cutting Mat

Calibre Art Rotating Cutting Mat
  • Easy to turn and markings are easy to read even in the dark.
  • Smooth surface and stable base.
  • Not much rubbery odor compared to other rotating cutting mats.
  • Good variety of sizes for different cutting purposes.
  • Buckles a little when cutting hard objects and materials.
  • Not ideal for quilters who prefer smoother surface on their mats.

If you’re looking for a good caliber of rotating cutting mat then the Calibre Art Rotating Mat is also a good option to consider. Its unique feature is its higher level of self-healing capability that immediately recovers after every cut of any magnitude. Regardless of the material quality, texture, shape or form, cutting it on the mat is easy and doesn’t deal considerable damage unless done intentionally.

Another selling point to this product is its high quality material which uses European Commission EN 71-3 compliant for its mat surface that withstands great cutting pressure. It also features grid lines that comes in different colors to serve as guide when cutting even in dark light. Currently, there are three options available for the Calibre Art rotating cutting mat which include the sizes 18×18, 14×14, and 8×8 inch mats.

How to find your ideal rotating cutting mat?

Now that you’ve known your best choices of cutting mats, how would know that you’re actually making the right choice? Here are a few factors that you need to consider before investing on any of the abovementioned choices.

Self-healing or plastic cutting mat

One thing that you need to figure out before actually buying any rotating cutting mat is if you want your mat made out of plastic or a mat that is self-healing. Plastic mats are quite durable at a certain degree of cutting and are usually much easier to maintain and use. However, while it is durable, it is not resistant to breakage and sometimes can be much heavier compared to other types of rotating cutting mats.

A self-healing cutting mat on the other hand provides more features and comes in various sizes. It is also flexible which makes it easy to fold, roll, and store.


Quilting, sewing as well as engaging in crafts and arts are all about the right measurements to ensure accuracy. One thing that you need to bear in mind from your ideal cutting mat is the size. If you’re simply into cutting small pieces of fabric or materials then consider smaller-sized mats mentioned in this list such as the Martelli Rotating Cutting Mat with 16-inch diameter whereas if you’re dealing with bigger materials and fabrics then you can opt for the bigger options.


Pretty much like anything that you’re buying online and offline, you will always have to consider the price of the product. In this regard, it is best to consider your available budget for the said product. If you have a considerable budget for your mat then you can simply consider the options that are although more expensive has better features. Nevertheless, if you are tight on the budget, you can simply opt for cheaper mats but you need to contend with the basic features attached to it.

Essential tips for using a rotary cutting mat

Now to ensure that your rotating cutting mat lasts a long time and for safety purposes, you can also consider these essential tips.

Maintenance – always make sure to clean your mat after every use. One thing that will surely lengthen the life of your mat is if you always keep it clean, orderly, and kept or stored in the right place. Don’t leave it scattered around where it is prone to dust, moist, and damage.

Use the right tools – never use a dull cutter on your rotating cutting mat. While indeed a dull cutter may have lesser chances of making a cut on your mat, it causes grooves on the mat through the back-and-forth movement. In addition, using dull cutters can cause accidents if the blade slips from the mat.

Move the mat, not your body – one thing that great about mats today is that it can be rotated and you won’t have to go to edges or corners of your working table. Such is the design of rotating cutting mats which relieves you of any extra movement while working. Also, while it provides comfort when working, it also provides accuracy and faster working time.

Let your mat heal – although these mats are called self-healing mats, they’re actually not able to heal on their own. It requires moisture or water to heal the mat. The best way to let your mat heal is to soak it in warm water for a few minutes. After soaking, let it dry for a few hours before using again.

Store it the right way – most cutting mats are usually destroyed or damaged due to improper storage such as folding, rolling or just leaving it in the open where it can be misused for other purposes. You need to store your cutting mat in order to ensure its long life. An ideal way to store the rotating cutting mat is by simply hanging it on the wall, storing it flat on a secure surface such as in the cabinet, or simply putting it back in its box or package. In any case, you don’t want others using your cutting mat as an ironing board or a chopping board simply because they saw it lying around.

Our final thoughts

As a conclusion, a rotating cutting mat is simply the best companion for a person who takes pleasure in crafts and arts, sewing and quilting. It provides the most benefits and accuracy compared to traditional cutting mats. Furthermore, rotating cutting mats provide a wider array of features that can ensure much easier working experience. Making a decision to purchase any of the options listed above can guarantee you that you’re investing your money on the best.

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