How To Choose Sewing Machine Feet for beginner?

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Sewing and stitching have become a rather potential career option for everyone these days. It is no longer limited to just women. People of all gender are now welcoming it with open hands. This increased the demand for sewists ad sewists in the market. Due to its increasing popularity, the market is currently flooding with manufacturers of machines, tools, and other equipment required for sewing and stitching.

With the daily introduction of different technologies, the market for sewing machines is experiencing a significant shift. The manufacturers no longer believe in just producing regular machines; they now wish to experiment further. This has introduced several new varieties of devices, like a sewing machine with a foot pedal.

Sewing Machine Foot pedal: What is it?

When creating something, what you need most except for the right skills is the ability to control. If you have enough control over your tools and machines, you are sure to come up with a brilliant creation. This is the same case with a stitching machine; just knowing how to operate it is not enough; you should also know how to control it accordingly. There will be numerous times when you will need to manipulate the machine’s regular speed. That’s where our tool comes up; it helps you to control the machine.

A pressure foot to a stitching machine is precisely what a gas pedal is to any vehicle. It permits you to control your machine easily by using your legs. Therefore, if you wish to sew at your preferred speed, you should get yourself a stitching machine with a foot pedal. It uses the pressure of your feet in the Sewing Machine Feet to increase and decrease the rate. The more pressure you put on the pedal, the quicker your machine will sew.

Almost all of the stitching machines’ models come with a foot pedal attached to it, whether they require one or not. Those machines that do not require a foot pedal to operate also have this as an option. It then entirely depends on the customer whether he/she wishes to fit a foot pedal or not. The digital stitching machines do not require a pressure foot to operate, but they still have an option. So that the customer can install a pressure foot according to his/her wishes.

Why do we need sewing Machine Feet with a pressure foot?

Imagine if you’re in a tight situation and need to complete a stitching project urgently. And your machine works at its regular speed. Wouldn’t you want a better machine in which you could smoothly increase the speediness of stitching rather than adjusting to the average rate? Also, think that you are working on a too delicate piece of fabric, and you are afraid that your machine’s regular speed will ruin it? In this case, you’ll wish for a tool to decrease the rate.

Both of the above cases require you to manipulate the speed of your machine. Whether it is increasing the speed or decreasing it, you wish to have total control over it. Accessing complete control over your machine comes as an instinct in humans. All you want to is that the machine does not ruin your special projects by being either too fast or too slow. This is where the foot pedal comes, also called foot pressure.

Earlier, almost all the stitching machines have a pressure foot attached so that the user could easily control the machine’s speed. It was quite helpful for those who weren’t satisfied with the average speed of the machine. With the help of a pressure foot, people could use their legs and manipulate the machine’s speed. It was all based on science; the more pressure you put on it, the faster your machine will sew.

Several people consider foot pedals an unnecessary addition to their stitching machines since they can work fine without them. Indeed, you can work without a foot pedal, but can you sew? Not intending to confuse you, but yes, it is quite an uncontrolled way to sew without foot pedals. What if you wish to increase the speed because you have an emergency? Or what if you wish to slow down for a while and sew at a slightly slower pace?

You cannot do such things if you do not have the tool to manipulate your speed. A foot pedal not only gives you the ability to control your speed, but it also provides you consistency and comfort for managing your machine. This may not be much impressive to you, but this essential feature can alter your sewing experience.

So now, if you agree with us, you may well be looking at some of the best stitching machines which have pedals attached to them:

Sewing Machine Feet
Singer 7258

1.    Singer 7258– If you search for an innovative device that is both highly functional and neat, your search ends here. It is a computerized machine, where you can adjust your requirements accordingly with just a single click. It comes with a universal foot pedal and weighs below 15lbs. Its small weight makes it easily portable. With several unique tools to make your sewing comfortable, it also comes with a warranty period of 25 years if you are a US or Canadian citizen.

Brother XR3774

2.    Brother XR3774– Whether you are a beginner or an already established sewist, you both can use this machine easily and with great comfort. The machine is capable of handling all your daily sewing activities, from quilting to embroidery. It allows your sewing talent to bloom greatly with its variety of available stitches. It also has a foot pedal that is already installed. You can easily select your stitches using the Easy Stitch Selector feature, but it lacks the LED as in the above machine.


3.    FHSM-202– This sewing machine by Imax is perfect for people who love sewing and traveling. It is both light-weight and easily portable. So, if you wish to sew while visiting different locations, you should buy this. The machine is relatively compact, weighing just 2.16lbs. Although it is quite smaller than your average machine, it is no less capable of fulfilling your requirements. It offers you two speed configurations, namely low and high. The machine also comes with a start and stop button, using which you can manipulate your machine even without using a foot pedal.

Portable Sewing Machine

4.    Portable Sewing Machine– This machine by RZChrome is portable and highly compact, making it easy for sewers who travel frequently. It weighs just 4lbs and comes with a fitted foot pedal. Despite its small size, it can offer you the best sewing experience you wish to get. Its humble design makes it easy even for beginners, and you can fit it easily into your regular sized case while traveling with it.

Heavy-duty 4452

5.    Heavy-duty 4452– This machine by Singer is another of the sewing machine by this brand. It is not portable as others of its kind but does not lack in its features. Even if you are just a beginner, you will have no problems using this machine. It is relatively easy to use and comes along with numerous attractive features. It offers about 32 built-in stitches that allow you to stitch any fabric smoothly. The machine also has quite an impressive stitching speed, allowing you to sew clothes fast and smooth.

 Portable Electric Machine

6.    Portable Electric Machine– This portable sewing machine by SHUDAGE comes with a foot pedal attached to it, for manipulating your stitching speed. Although SHUDAGE is a much less popular brand, it nonetheless manufactures impressive machines. If you have a low budget and do not expect much, this machine is your finest choice. This machine offers 12 sorts of stitching, allowing you to stitch several types of fabrics and stitches. If you wish to manipulate the machine’s speed, you can either use its foot pedal or do it using some specific buttons.

Some FAQS by customers:

Q.1. Do all sewing machines have foot pedals attached?

Sol. Foot pedals are a common sight in sewing machines, but not all of them contain one. Majorly we can see that all sewing machines come attached with a universal foot pedal, but some of them lack one. It is specifically seen in machines that are quite old. Machines produced in ancient times didn’t have a foot pedal in them. In some of the brands, foot pedals do not come attached to them.

Q.2. Are foot pedals so important for sewing?

Sol. Foot pedals may be a useful addition to regular machines, but they are not a necessity. Sewists can operate their machines without using foot pedals. Many people have been doing it for a long time and are capable of continuing it further. However, adding foot pedals to your machines can help you. However, they can be quite uncomfortable for some people. For example, older adults cannot put pressure on foot pedals; those with physical disabilities also face a problem with these.

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