Best sewing machine table and Cabinet in 2022

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The sewing machine is one of the greatest inventions for the domestic market. The telegraph’s importance in the commercial world is enjoyed by sewing machine in the domestic world. And like several other important inventions of the new era, the credit for the sewing machine’s design goes to America. However, it was in France where the first-ever primary sewing machine came into existence.

Originating in France, the sewing machine became famous in 1819, when an American made the first lockstitch sewing machine. The invention of the sewing machine was initially for the benefit of the domestic market, especially women. However, it soon became a commercially acclaimed business tool. It gave rise to a new era for stitching and made several women self-dependent by providing them sewing jobs. 

In current times, there are several popular brands of sewing machines and other tools related to stitching. One of the leading American brands is Janome America. Along with sewing machines, it also produces sewing machine tables and cabinets. The Janome sewing machine tables is a table having the features of a custom fit table. It is incredibly convenient and easy to use and shares several characteristics with a custom fit sewing table.

Use Sewing Machine Tables:

A sewing machine table or cabinet is a kind of desk on which a sewing machine is kept. The sewing machine table holds it and comes with several drawers to store all the necessary sewing tools. Generally, these tablets contain either drawers or cloth bags to store other sewing tools.

With the sewing industry becoming popular in the market, several new jobs are now generating every day. Earlier, the task of sewing cloths or other stuff was limited only to women. But now, everyone with a talent for stitching can do the job. With this wave of change, manufacturing companies are now producing various sewing machines and their tables.

There are plenty of options in the market from which you can choose. In such a case, it is natural to get confused about which one to opt for. But worry not, because we have curated some of the best and popular sewing machine tables for you.

Best sewing machine table and cabinet :

1. Craft table- 

sewing machine table
Craft table

As the name suggests, Sew Ready’s table is the right choice for crafting rooms. It is quite strong and can easily hold up your sewing machine on itself. The table has an average space of 47.5*28, which leaves plenty of room for all your things.

          It has an adjustable shelf so that you can easily adjust the height of your sewing machine accordingly. But, the table lacks extra space for storage. This means you will have to bring your storage boxes.

2. Sewing machine tables-

Sewing machine table

 If you wish to style your house in a vintage fashion, this sewing machine table by Singer is for you. This table by the Singer is a vintage piece of art and a dream table for every sewist. Their most prominent attraction is their beautiful vintage design. Available in various styles and prices, we recommend you to browse them online. Although beautiful, they are quite bulky and difficult to move.

3. Drop leaf table-

 What we desire most in a sewing table is that it should be multi-purpose, and that’s where HOMCOM comes. Along with being a sewing table, it also serves the purpose of a dining table. You can again fold it and put it in a corner, thus making it a side table. However, it is best for low-budget since it is highly affordable. But, if you buy it, you’ll have to carry boxes for storing the machine and other tools.

4.    Abacus filing desk- 

Abacus filing desk- 

It is not just a sewing table; you can also use it for other purposes. For example, you can do your official work on it and also use it for sewing clothes. Made of wood, it is quite strong and can hold your machine easily. It has a universal design, which means it will also look good anywhere in your house. Since it is made of wood, avoid scratching it with needles or other pointed tools. 

5. The craft armoire-

The craft armoire

 This is more of a closet than a table. If you wish to store all your sewing equipment in a single place, this is your best option. You can assemble all your tools and keep them in the closet instead of spreading them all-around your home. It has several drawers; wherein, you can also save a sewing machine in one of them. The desk is foldable so that you can put it back inside the closet. However, the space on the desk is relatively petite in comparison to other sewing machine tables.

6.    Kangaroo Cabinets- 

 Kangaroo Cabinets- 

If you wish to pursue sewing as a serious career path, then this is the right choice for you. Along with being an impressive piece of furniture, this sewing cabinet comes with all the space in the world. Not exaggerating, but this cabinet allows you to store all of your tools in one place and securely. There is enough space to fit your entire machine inside it. However, it can be a bit too expensive for someone who is running low on budget. It will cost you almost 1200 dollars. 

7. Arrow Cabinet- 

Arrow Cabinet

This impressive cabinet looks more like a side table than a sewing table. So, if you are not currently working, you can also use it as a lampstand beside your bed or sofa. It blends quite easily with your interior and provides a rather cozy look to your house. When not used as a decorative item, it expands into a table and cabinet used for sewing. With such cool features, you might think that it will cost a fortune. But worry not, you can buy this for just 445 dollars. Impressive, isn’t it? 

8. Koala Studios Serger Station- 

Koala Studios Serger Station

This cabinet for swing has everything you will need in your ideal sewing and stitching cabinet. Although it is a bit costly, of 1999 dollars, you won’t regret investing your money in it. Having a wooden design, it’s not only an excellent table for sewing but also adds to your home decor. It looks exactly like a standard table, except when you put all your tools and machine on it. The table has a large space in the middle where you can fit your appliance and keep it in place. 

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