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Being in the line of stitching and embroidery since a long time, I’ve had my fair share of machine malfunctions. Sometimes you buy a wrong machine, other times you pay more than the machine’s worth and get cheated. All these ups and downs are common when you’re working in the stitching industry. The search for the right machine can be highly tedious, especially when you’re not aware of your requirements and machine models in the market.

As a sewer, your main focus should be on the craft and not the machines and tools. Searching for these equipment wastes a lot of your time; the time that you can invest in creating garments by stitching. That’s why market experts are now teaming up to research on all the required tools and equipment required by a sewer. So that instead of wasting their time on ding a market research, the sewers can focus entirely on their work.

Stitching machines are not a new invention; they’ve been around since the medieval ages. However, the machines then and the machines now are extremely different; not just in appearance and structure, but also in workings. Machines in earlier times were pretty basic and simple to use; all hey did was sew fabrics together using some basic stitches. But, that is not the case anymore. Modern machines are capable of much more than that. With the advancements in technology, stitching machines have also advanced a lot. Now, you can do a lot more using a regular stitching machine than just basic sewing.

Introducing you to the stitching and embroidery machine combo

You are already familiar with stitching and embroidery machine combo separately. But what are these in combination? And moreover, do you know what are embroidery machines? And what makes them different than regular stitching machines? Let’s find out.

Everyone in the stitching industry very well knows what a stitching machine is. But, it is quite common when people are not aware of embroidery machines and their uses. Embroidery machines are not much different than the stitching machines. Except some basic concepts and functioning, both these machines perform pretty much the same job. The job of an embroidery machine begins after that of a stitching machine finishes.

Embroidery machines create some designs and stitching patterns to enhance the basic stitches created by sewing. It creates quilts with proper detailing. Embroidery is used mainly for giving a decorative and playful touch to an otherwise bland piece of fabric. Sewers use colorful threads and stitching patterns to create various attractive designs on fabrics. Since embroidery machines are capable of doing quilting, you don’t have to buy a machine specially for that. In this way, you can avoid spending extra money and use that instead to invest in other tools.

If you are interested in regular stitching machines, you can go read our article on 9 best stitching machines for beginners. And if you wish to know more about embroidery machines, you can have a look at our article on 8 best embroidery stitching machines.

What is the significance of having a stitching and embroidery machine combo?

Combo machines are the new craze in current market. Instead of having a machine perform just one task, get a combo machine to perform more than one. Buying a combo machine has several advantages over buying regular machines. These machines are capable of performing two tasks at a time, therefore, saving efforts and time. Since, you will get the features of two machines in a single one, it will also save you much money. So that you can invest this money in buying something else.

If you want to limit your area of expertise just to regular stitching, then a stitching machine is best for you. And if you wish to perform only embroidery and quilting on your fabrics, you should go for an embroidery machine. In short, if you want to stick only to either of these two areas, there is no need of buying a combination machine, as you will get confused with all those different options and features. But if you think that you’ll be in need of both these machine’s features in the future, you should definitely buy the combo machine.

Also, instead of wasting your money on buying two separate machines over just a small interval of time, you should invest in the combo one. Combo machines save a lot of space, since they have the features and equipment of two machines inside one body. Combo machines are best for those who work in combined work spaces, or those who work from home and do not have much space. All in all, combination machines of embroidery and stitching machines are less of a burden than these two machines bought separately.

What are some major characteristics to pay attention to while buying a combo machine?

Before buying any machine or device, you should be well aware of which features to look for and which ones to avoid. The same is the case with a stitching and embroidery combo machine. Below given, are some features which you might note before buying one of these machines:

  1. Hoops: Hoops are those round objects which you use to hold your piece of fabric in one place. During the process of stitching or embroidering, it is very important for your fabric to hold still, otherwise the design or pattern will be ruined. Small sized hoops can hold small and intricate fabrics, but not larger fabrics. Whereas, a large hoop can easily hold larger fabrics. But it cannot hold smaller fabrics, since they cannot reach the hoops’ circumference. So, whenever you choose a machine, always look at its hoop size or capability.
  2. Built-in stitches: Machines come with a wide variety of stitch sizes and types. Some machines have more stitches to offer, whereas others have a bit less. The more the number of stitches, the more you can experiment with your stitching patterns. Less amount of stitches means less variety of designs and patterns. Several machines offer special stitches for performing free-hand embroidery on fabrics. So, choose the machine according your need of stitches.
  3. Built-in designs: When you buy a new machine, either you start away with the available designs or you browse for more variety. In my opinion, is always better to stack up some designs than to constantly look for new ones when required. Several machines offer nearly no built-in designs, whereas, some offer as many as 200 designs. So, its up to you to choose the best possible machine to suit your needs.
  4. Connectivity with the computer: One of the best ways to browse and download more designs and patterns is to search on the Internet. Nowadays, plenty of machines come with computer connectivity, which offer you the option of using the Internet for according to your requirements. You can either download designs, patterns, brand logos, etc from the Internet, or design your personalized patterns using certain programs on the computer.
  5. Memory: Every embroidery machine has a certain limit till which it can store all your downloaded designs and patterns. After you reach this limit, you need to start deleting certain designs and patterns so that you can free up space for downloading new ones. Different machines have different memory capabilities. Again, the memory of your embroidery machine depends on your budget and project requirement.
  6. Editing options: Not all downloaded designs are always up to your taste or requirement. Maybe they are a bit too small, or larger than expected. In such cases, sewers take help of the editing tools on their machine. Although, not all the machines offer you the choice of editing your designs and patterns. So, look for those machines which have plenty of editing options to offer.

Best stitching and embroidery machine combo:

Brother SE40b0-

stitching and embroidery machine combo

This is a combo machine by one of the most popular brand in stitching industry; Brother. One of the best features of this machine is that it allows you to download plenty of designs from various online sites via the USB port. It always stays updated and provides all the latest and trending designs and patterns. In its price range, the machine offers pretty good features; 67 stitches, 70 designs, and five fonts. Another great feature is its easy design and functioning. The features and options are not too much and not too less; it provides a fair balance.

Singer Futura XL-400-

This stitching and embroidery machine by Singer is one of the best one for beginners. It has a large assortment of features which allow beginners to get on with their work easily and without much difficulty. Some of the best features of this machine include a relatively good embroidery capability of 10*6 and the presence of multi hoops which allow you to take on larger stitching projects. You can attach this machine directly to your computer and utilize its options and features. This machine comes with a large collection of built in stitches and two automated buttonholes. Despite all these characteristics, this machine also has some drawbacks. You cannot connect this machine to the Internet to browse and download more designs and patterns. Due to this, and plenty of the customers give it a negative review.

Singer four-in-one Futura-

Futura- The best part about this machine is the fact that you can perform four other tasks along with stitching. You can quilt, serge, and embroider using this machine by Singer. Along with this, the machine also offers a software for Autopunch Embroidery. And all of this is available under an extremely affordable price range. This machine has tons of advanced and modern features, which make it perfect for mass production and commercial embroidery. Despite being pretty much affordable, it still is one of the most expensive machine out there. However, all its features and characteristics make it worth the high cost.

Brother L6800PRW-

stitching and embroidery machines combo

It is a flexible stitching and embroidery machine by the popular brand Brother. What’s new is that this machine comes inside a rolling bag, for you to carry the machine around. Therefore, this machine is both flexible and portable, making it quite popular among the customers. Along with this, it has plenty of other features adding to the large stack. It offers plenty of designs and patterns, and an user-interface screen which is quite easy to use. All these features make it one of the most highly rated machine among the user. The machine comes with an expandable and large memory.

Singer Futura CE-250-

This is a computerized stitching and embroidery machine by the popular brand Singer. One of the greatest feature of this machine is the Autopunch software. This software is used to convert the pictures into embroidery designs using the computer. Adding to its flexibility are the various features and the additional hoops offered by this machine. As long as you have a computer connection, you can draw any image and design to embroidery designs on the fabric. It offers a wide variety of stitches, designs, and fonts to make your stitching experience more comfortable. Despite all these amazing features, the machine second lowest rated one in our list. Its major reason is its high price range.

Singer XL-580 Futura-

If your stitching projects often involve embroidery on the borders of the fabric, then this machine is the right one for you. One of the best feature this machine offers is its fifty unlimited embroidery designs and hoops required for using them. In this way, you can create endless borders without the repositioning of any hoop or matching the patterns. The best part about this machine is that you don’t need to keep your computer and your machine together to use the software. Firstly, you load all the designs from the software on an USB fob. And then you can plug this USB fob into the USB port on the machine.

Brother SE270D-

If you are a Disney lover, then you’re going to love this machine. The major reason behind this machine’s popularity is its 27 built-in embroidery designs inspired from Disney. Its embroidery capability is huge, so you don’t have to worry about taking in larger projects, as your machine can handle it with ease. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to deal with too much additional features and options. It provides a large size with all the basic functions required to smoothly allow your projects. The Disney element can be a major selling point, but not everyone is satisfied with just this one feature. Apart from this, the machine has quite a less number of designs and stitches. Due to this, this machine has quite some negative reviews and is very lowly rated on our entire list.

How can you care and maintain stitching and embroidery machine combo?

Once you have found the perfect stitching and embroidery machine for yourself, the task doesn’t stop there. Buying a machine is just the first step towards a great stitching experience, you will have to ensure that it keeps on working smoothly and doesn’t breakdown often. So, how can you do that? Let’s have a look at what we’ve got for you.

The most important thins is the storage part; always store your machine in a dust-free and low moisture environment. Dust and moisture will corrode your machine too much early. If dirt or dust collects inside the small openings and cracks in your machine, it may hinder its working. You can do this by getting a dust cover and covering your entire machine with it.

Now secondly, the tools and equipment. Always use threads of higher quality, since they will reduce the possibility of building up of the lint and decreasing the probability of snapping of threads. The building up of lint is quite a dangerous thing since it results in breaking of needles, threads, and forms knots in them. For avoiding this, unplug your machine after completion of the daily tasks. Regularly dusting the inside of your machine will also help reduce lint building.

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